ZippyMeals generates automated daily route sheets to help keep your drivers on track. Turn-by-turn directions mean no one’s ever lost.

Managing your routes is hard. We get it. Some clients get meals Monday - Friday, some clients get meals only Monday, Wednesday, Friday. A client calls in at the last minute Monday morning and says she doesn't need a meal that day. And how to ensure that drivers drive the most efficient route? How can you save your drivers 10 - 20 miles a day, perhaps thousands of miles a year? And what about providing some drivers with directions, while regular drivers don't need them?

We've thought of all these questions and so Zippy Meals provides real-time, beautiful route sheets to help your drivers. Take a client off deliveries for one day and Zippy Meals automatically updates the route sheets in real-time. Zippy Meals can automatically detect substitute drivers and provide turn-by-turn directions. A client's birthday is tomorrow? The route sheets will automatically include an indication to the driver of the client's birthday. And your drivers can use paper copies or can access the route sheets from any mobile device.

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  • Automated route sheets updated in real-time
  • Turn-by-turn directions for drivers that need them
  • Easy to read: your volunteers will love them