Our Story

“It's not about the meals! It's about the FRIENDSHIPS!”

– Joshua, 8 years old

ZippyMeals was born out of our passion for volunteering with Meals on Wheels. We are a husband and wife team who has volunteered driving, providing IT support, and serving on our board of directors.

When our old oldest son was 2 year old, we wanted to find a way to volunteer with him. We discovered there were few opportunities to serve the community with a 2 year old.

Meals on Wheels was the answer! We soon learned what the Meals on Wheels community knows: it's NOT just about delivering food. Our son quickly proved the power of toddlers to bring smiles to the faces of home-bound seniors. Our family fell in love with Meals on Wheels.

We also learned the struggle of Meals on Wheels staff to keep up with scheduling and supporting clients and volunteers. They spent hours making photocopies and editing directions by hand -- time that could be put to better use serving their clients and volunteers. As a professional software engineer, John saw a need that he could address, and ZippyMeals was born!

Although the original 2008 prototype of ZippyMeals started as a volunteer service, we knew we could do more to support the staff. We wanted to protect offices from data loss, boost privacy and security, and reward the staff with a polished, professional system that saved them even more time. Like Meals on Wheels, we wanted to make a substantial impact.

So we completely redesigned and modernized the software with staff in mind and dedicated ourselves full-time to customer service.

Why do we do this? Driving Meals for 9 years leaves an impact on your heart. In December of 2017, with extended family in town for the holiday, a conversation started about how self-driving cars and drones could deliver meals in the future and replace the need for drivers. Our youngest son, who was 8 years old at the time and had been volunteering since he was 18 months old, piped in and said, “It’s not about the meals! It’s about the friendships!”

Driving Meals for 9 years has made an impact on our hearts. The clients we have served over the years helped raise our boys. We know that Meals on Wheels delivers more than a meal. That, in a nutshell, drives EVERYTHING we do on ZippyMeals:

We want to make managing your office easier so that you can focus on those relationships.

That is why you are here.

That is why we are here.

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  • 2007: Started volunteering as Driver with 2 year old helper

  • 2008: Wrote first ZippyMeals Prototype as volunteer

  • 2008-2010: ZippyMeals prototypes used daily in 2 local offices;provided IT support

  • 2011: Started redesign and development od ZippyMeals Professional version; increased volunteer hours with Meals on Wheels to serve and also test mapping software

  • 2012: Joined Board of Directors of Charlottesville Meals on Wheels

  • 2016: Launched ZippyMeals to first customers in Virginia

  • 2018: Launched ZippyMeals to offices across the United States